The unique Tuvan National orchestra will perform in Latvia.

Tuvan National orchestra with their only concert in Latvia is going to perform on 22nd of May at 19:00 in Mikhail Chekhov Riga Russian theater within the framework of World music festival PORTA spring session.

Tuvan National orchestra and throat singing choir is a vivid reflector of the rich history of Tuvan Republic (Russian Federation). The orchestra is most definitely unique with their wide range of musical instruments used in their performances – from Tuvan region’s traditional instruments to Western world and Soviet “hybrid” instruments – as well as specific Central Asian singing technique – hōmej.

Musicians from the orchestra have mastered all five styles of throat singing -  hōmej, sigit, kargirā, ezengilēr, borbannair - and with this technique they bring to life natural images of animals, mountains, currents and harsh steppe winds. In order to sing and control multiple sounds simultaneously, musicians use a special continuous breathing system.

Tuvan musical tradition is based on a deep connection with nature and the unconscious forces it creates. For this reason and many more, the orchestra is able to awaken a special feeling in every audience member, where the inner world of each individual becomes united with the universe, where consciousness converges with subconscious and forms a sophisticated set of senses that vigorously directs audience towards unforgettable adventure.